Voxx Socks Demo by Elvis Stojko

Elvis Stojko, Canadian Skating Legend vs Voxx socks! We know voxx socks can impress during the demo but look what happens when one of our countries biggest star takes the time to visit head office! Elvis Stojko came to our head offices in Toronto and took the Voxxlife Challenge. Was he impressed? Absolutely! Elvis has become a huge fan of the technology and how it helps him both on the ice and off. Hear what he has to say… ”Elvis Stojko, 7-time Canadian men’s figure skating champion, 3-time world champion and 2-time Olympic medallist, said, “As you can imagine, with skating, balance and power are crucial. I was amazed at the increased range of motion and power I have the...

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Voxx Socks Meet Robert Hardy…An Inspirational Marathoner and Voxx Socks Wearer

I had the great pleasure of meeting Bob Harding at the Ottawa Marathon in 2017 while working at my Voxxlife booth. He spoke with a great English accent and shared his story. Basically, having lived through 2 Strokes and several bouts of cancer, he has continued to live with incredible zeal. Now utilizing a HUGO modified walker and using VoxxSocks, he does full marathons at a speed that I couldn’t begin to accomplish! His race the weekend I met him in blistering heat early in the season, was 6 hours and 9 minutes! Feeling inspired! Bob loved the socks so much he now shares them in his circles as he teaches race walking! Glad to have Bob as a Business...

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Dr Debrincat, DC Shows Incredible Brain Mapping With and Without VoxxSocks!

Dr. Mark DeBrincat,DC specializing in Tx of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries shares his Brain Mapping with and without the Voxxsocks technology. Truly mind blowing changes never before seen so quickly. If you are a personal friend of mine you know I am passionate about helping people. I was introduced to a company called VoxxLife about 1 1/2 years ago and today, I feel extremely blessed to be part of this revolutionary breakthrough in wellness. VoxxLife is a technology company that has developed a Neurological Pattern which they have integrated into an Insole and a Sock. When the ball of your foot comes into contact with this pattern, a reaction is triggered in your body that allows your body...

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